Spartacus the gladiator

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spartacus the gladiator

Today we know very little about Spartacus the man – partly because contemporary Roman historians were keen not to eulogise his successes. This of course is. Historically very little is known about Spartacus. We know that he came from Thrace, a land north of Greece, that he once fought in the Roman legions and that. Thracian born Roman gladiator, Spartacus is now considered the stuff of legend. To this day, books, movies, and TV shows have been created.


The Real Spartacus (2001) Documentary

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To appease the ghost of Crixus, Romans were sacrificed or forced to fight each other as gladiators. Once in Capua, the novel tracks the historical story of Spartacus, from his gladiator revolt and escape from the ludus, to his massive slave rebellion against the Romans. Have just finished the Forgotten Legion — excellent reading! However, what Plutarch, Florus, and only a half a handful of other relatively reliable classical sources agree on is that Spartacus somehow left Thrace and became part of the Roman army. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Apologies for the delay in replying. His legend grows and thousands of slave flock to him seeking his ways to exact revenge on Rome and it's slave owners. Cheers for your post, and welcome to my site! Unfortunately for Crassus, Free games counter strike unwisely attacked the gladiators from the rear, obviously thinking that he would have the advantage of surprise. Keep a look out for the competitions that will be running to win signed copies of the books…. I am probably one of the few people where this novel is my first foray into the legend of Spartacus. spartacus the gladiator



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